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Rochelle & Landon

Well folks, it has been some time since I've updated my page....

Landon is 6 and in Kindergarten....can you believe it??!!! Nope, me either. Time just flew. One moment he was a baby in my arms now I'm dropping him off at school. The worst of it is I can't give him "shoogies" in the hallway anymore. If I do he has to look around and make sure nobody sees. That just broke my heart the first time :( He participates in the children's choir at church and loves to sing...just like his mamma!! Landon is also in Coach Pitch this year. We are a baseball family so that is a big deal. He loves it and we are proud of him. He is a chatter box and asks a ton of questions, which mom says I was the same way at his age. She also says it my payback for talking her ear! He is just the greatest kid!! I am truly blessed!!

I work at a local bank at a teller. I love the people I work with and enjoy my job. Its always a plus to work with such great people and I'm very fortunate to work with my very best friend, Erica. Life is sweet! I keep busy with friends and family. My new love is running. Funny cause I can remember the times where I wouldn't break a sweat, and now I can't wait to run. You clear your mind, think about life and just enjoy the wind in your face....doesn't hurt that you stay fit and lose a few!

So that pretty much sums it up....who knows, I may be updating this page in the future with some more news...




Well folks,